Wednesday, February 18, 2009

because everyone should hear this

yesterday evening, i read this brilliant article over at the new york times... to sum up, america's single greatest national shame: education. it is so refreshing to finally hear people on a national level start to talk not just about a broken american educational system, but to actually hear them talk about new and innovative ways to solve the problem. these two videos are just a couple that i have watched and been inspired by.

both from the videos and the article, i feel heartened and i am starting to hope that maybe we will find a way to repair our educational system so that kids can start to reach their full potential because of the schooling they are getting and not in spite of it. 

my father is an incredible teacher. i want to be a teacher/professor, eventually... and i can only hope that i will be one of those top quartile teachers... the kind that can get people excited about learning. yes, i may be a little (a lot) nerdy, but i am just fine with that.

can you imagine what amazing results we would get if all of the teachers or people who want to be teachers in america - in the world, actually - were as inspired as the people at KIPP? can you imagine how far we could go as a people if everyone was receiving a great education? if everyone was engaged in the learning process?

i just gives me so much hope, it's almost unbearable (but in a very, very good way).

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  1. Natalie, this is a beautiful thought. Unfortunately the Teaching Profession is so embedded and so opposed to change and new ideas that it will take a major crisis to affect changes. Love, apap